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Intersectionality of Homelessness

Written by Allison Clark. Recently I read a memoir titled, “Just Another Bullshit Night in Suck City” by Nick Flynn. ┬áThis novel chronicles the dynamic relationship between a drifter father and his estranged son as the father drifts in and out of homelessness. This made me think about the intersectionality of homelessness and issues of social injustice. ┬áBy that I mean, issues of...

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Finding Focus and Meaning Each Month

Our mission at the medes is to highlight and focus on social injustices seen around the world. These injustices come in many forms and can change people lives. This year the medes is looking to assist in the monthly efforts to bring awareness and support to issues that are targeted each month. While not all publications will fall under these targeted areas, it is chance to assist in these...

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