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Finding Focus and Meaning Each Month

Our mission at the medes is to highlight and focus on social injustices seen around the world. These injustices come in many forms and can change people lives. This year the medes is looking to assist in the monthly efforts to bring awareness and support to issues that are targeted each month. While not all publications will fall under these targeted areas, it is chance to assist in these awareness issues and offer more education opportunities during these designated times.


MARCH: Gender Equality Month and Women’s History Month

It is no lie that your experience in this life is greatly affected by the gender that our physical body suggests, and by the gender we choose to display. For many people these two are the same, but for those individuals who experience gender differently, the world can be full of closed doors. Social injustices surrounding gender equality and discrimination are wrong and yet difficult to defeat. As we look back at women’s history this month and recall many of the brave battles that were fought on behalf of women’s rights, remember there are still battles raging on that need the support of many. Be an advocate for gender equality.


Here is an extended list of some of the topics that we will be taking on. If you are interested in learning about these monthly topics to be addressed and/or submitting an article or media piece to be published, please contact Allison Clark at

January:     Poverty In America Awareness Month

February:   Ethnic Equality Month

March:   Gender Equality Month, Nutrition Month, Women’s History Month

April:   Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Child Abuse Prevention Month, Poetry Month

May:    Family Support Month, Helping American Youth Month, Mental Health Month, Senior Citizens Month, Social Media Month, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

June:   AIDS Awareness Month, Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, Student Safety Month

July:  Recreation and Parks Month, Purposeful Parenting Month

August:  Immunization Awareness Month

September:  Hispanic Heritage Month, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

October: AIDS Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month

November:  Adoption Awareness Month, American Indian and Alaskan Native Heritage Month, Diabetes Awareness Month, Non-profit Awareness Month

December:   Human Rights Day

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